Water Cooler Talk: Stormwater Bioretention Basin Functions

Date and Time
Tyler Groh

Stormwater Bioretention basins, sometimes also referred to as rain gardens, are becoming a more common stormwater management practice in urban areas. During Water Cooler Talk: Stormwater Bioretention Basin Functions Lauren will discuss the results of research at sites in Pennsylvania and beyond with consideration of design variants like lined basins, managed release concept, and different vegetation. Performance metrics discussed will include hydrology, but will primarily focus on water quality processes related to nutrient cycling and metals retention in these management practices.

About the Series
The Water Cooler Talk series provides a once-a-month event that features invited speakers talking about water resources around the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Topics will range anywhere from climate to groundwater and anything in between. This series provides a chance for all people interested in water resources to gather and discuss current water-related work.

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