So, You Want Agriculture in Your Community — Have You Heard of PA Farm Link?

Date and Time
Christi Powell
Darlene Livingston
Marlene Kaltenbach

This webinar will explore the agricultural side of land-use decision-making by introducing planners to PA Farm Link. In addition, participants will get an inside look at the PA Farm Link land-linking database.

Many communities choose to prioritize agriculture in community land use, Livingston noted. As beginning farmers seek land opportunities — both traditional transition from older farmers as well as "creative farming opportunities" — the process is important to the success of communities. 

Pennsylvania Farm Link, a 501c nonprofit group dedicated to connecting farmers and landowners in Pennsylvania, can help, she added.

“Our organization and the land/farmer online database are ‘tools’ to help potential new farmers in municipalities,” Livingston said. “The database provides opportunities for landowners and/or people looking for farmland — through buying or renting — to find multiple listings from across the state. The database is a very useful tool for municipal planners to learn about and use creatively within their municipalities.”