Science Communication Training

IEE offers Penn State faculty members an invitation-only science communication workshop that focuses on different research themes (e.g., 2020 focused on climate change). This workshop will help you share what you do, what you know — and most importantly, why it matters — in clear, lively terms. Connect with communication trainers, journalists, and colleagues through engaging breakout sessions, online whiteboards, and role-playing scenarios.

Participant Information

This workshop is run by COMPASS, a national non-profit focused on helping researchers communicate their science. Trainers and nationally-recognized journalists will work directly with workshop participants. 

Faculty will:

  • Engage in intensive message development,
  • Role play scenarios on their own climate research topic, and
  • Hone communication strategies based on constructive feedback from trainers, journalists, and fellow participants.


  • Meg Nakahara

Past Journalists  

  • Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post
  • Christopher Joyce, NPR
  • David Malakoff, Science Magazine
  • Kate Sheppard, Huffington Post
  • Ashley Smart, Physics Today

*Media affiliations are from years when journalists participated.

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Need to Know

  • This workshop is an intensive experience that requires a significant time investment. In addition to attending each three-hour course session, participants will be asked to complete short homework assignments outside of class and bring questions and ideas to discuss with the whole group.
  • The workshop is based on a foundation of active participation and peer-to-peer feedback, so we will make use of a variety of virtual facilitation tools, including video conferencing breakout rooms and the virtual whiteboard tool Mural.

The Workshop Includes

  • Message Box introduction
  • Discussions and Q&A with subject matter experts and COMPASS staff 
  • Introduction to the science of science communication with COMPASS staff
  • Hands-on Message Box practice with peers and subject matter experts and peers 
  • Personal feedback from subject matter experts and COMPASS staff
  • Personalized practice scenarios with subject matter experts
  • Customized small-group sessions with subject matter experts and COMPASS trainers on focus areas such as: working with policymakers or journalists, getting started with social media, writing op eds, and more 
  • Customized small-group sessions with subject matter experts and COMPASS trainers to help you prepare for impact, such as: storytelling, setting your engagement goals, network mapping, and more

Faculty Participants

For a full list of faculty who have participated in IEE's Science Communication training please see the list of Science Communication Training Alumni.

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