Green Gov-SI Sustainability Webinar Series: Carbon Reduction Commitments – State Agencies, Universities & Businesses

Date and Time
Rob Cooper
Meg Boyle

Webinar will cover consensus on what commitments are needed to reduce global carbon emissions and some of the current commitments entities both public and private have in place. Specific examples of initiatives, programs and successes will be shared with participants.

Presenters: Rob E. Cooper, Senior Director for Energy and Sustainability, Penn State University Office of Engineering, and Meg Boyle, PhD, Dept. of Geography, Penn State University



The GreenGov Council and Penn State’s Sustainability Institute are co-hosting our third monthly webinar series on various sustainability topics. All who are interested in expanding their knowledge of sustainability initiatives are invited to participate!

Our goal is to make this series a successful venture to support the commonwealth’s progress toward sustainability goals set forth in the Governor’s Executive Order 2019-01. To that end, please forward this invitation along to all those who may be interested.


The series is intended to give participants opportunities to hear from subject matter experts and receive updates on each topic to enrich their knowledge while engaging in group conversations.

This series will also be a useful tool for agencies to explore options and develop sustainability initiatives while receiving credit within their GreenGov Agency Certification Checklist (Checklist) program areas. Specifically, the series supports Checklist efforts under the “Culture” category on Employee and Public Engagement (sections 13 and 14).


In respect of attendee’s time, the webinars will be hosted monthly and consist of a 30 minute presentation followed by a 15 minute question & answer session. All presentations will be held via Microsoft Teams webinars and participants should plan to connect utilizing their computers to view and engage.