Climate and Energy Transitions

Date and Time
401 Steidle Building
David Donohue

In this seminar the speaker will summarize the impact that greenhouse gas emissions have on the earth’s climate and the major transitions that must take place in both energy demand/supply and CO2 capture to meet a carbon net-zero target by 2050. DNV’s projections for the world and for China, Europe and North America will be used to illustrate the transition. During the discussion the speaker will ask the audience to suggest how the university curricula could change to meet the needs of those energy specialists who will drive the necessary transitions.


Bio: Dr. David A.T. Donohue is a noted technical specialist, project developer, businessman, attorney and lecturer. He is the Founder and President of both IHRDC and the Arlington Group. Both organizations have their head offices in Boston: IHRDC provides training solutions for the international energy industry; the Arlington Group formed groups to explore for natural gas and develop underground gas storage fields in the United States.