Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - 3:30pm to 5:00pm
Penn State Campus: 
University Park
Location or Building Name: 
312 Agricultural Engineering Building
Bassel Daher, Research Associate at the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Research Group at the Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department of Texas A&M University

San Antonio is home to a rapidly urbanizing population, with major agricultural activity surrounding the city, and a growing production of oil and natural gas in its underlying Eagle Ford shale play. The region of San Antonio represents a resource hotspot whose stakeholders compete across sectors for the same limited water, land, and financial resources and whose projection trends indicate continued growth across those sectors. The discussions will include lessons learned from the experience of creating a system wide interdisciplinary group to address the resource challenges facing the San Antonio region at Texas A&M’s Water-Energy-Food Nexus Initiative (WEFNI) and a brief overview of the questions and research conducted under thematic foci that include data and modeling, trade-off analysis, water for food, water for energy, and governance. The presentation will be followed by a mini-workshop intended to identify research questions relevant to the context of the interconnected resource challenges in Pennsylvania and ongoing research in areas of “water and food”, “water and energy”, “energy and food”, “data and modeling”, “trade-off analysis”, and “governance”.

The FEW Nexus Seminar Series is supported through a Strategic Networks and Initiatives Program (SNIP) Level I Grant, provided by the College of Agricultural Sciences Office for Research and Graduate Education to advance faculty-driven research initiatives.