n an effort to continue this growth and explore opportunities to unify and strengthen climate work at the University, please join other Penn State climate academics and researchers to build and unify our climate community to further mitigate the climate crisis.

Climate Community at Penn State

There are currently at least 300 Penn State researchers working on some facet of climate science. That does not include the many professionals who are responsible for applying their knowledge in operations.  Nearly every college and campus at Penn State has individuals focused on climate solutions and or education.  Penn State has more than twenty organized efforts focusing on climate. Moreover, the Stewarding Our Planet’s Resources Steering Committee has identified climate action as key priority that will continue.  In 2020, Penn State was ranked 35th in the world and fifth in the U.S. on the Times Higher Education University Impact Rankings. These global performance rankings assess universities against the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.


Penn State continues to make positive impacts on the climate, from research and academics to operations and application. In an effort to continue this growth and explore opportunities to unify and strengthen climate work at the University, please join other Penn State climate academics and researchers to build and unify our climate community to further mitigate the climate crisis.

Prior Events

Climate Consortium Proposal Listening Sessions

  • Tuesday, September 29, 2020, 8:30-9:30 a.m.
  • Wednesday, September 30, 2020, 8:30-9:30 a.m.
  • Friday, October 2, 2020, 2-3 p.m.
Each session will be the same format - attend one or all!
Registered attendees will receive a confirmation to attend and a link to download the draft Climate Consortium proposal.

Community Forum: Building Convergence in Climate Science 

June 17, 2020

IEE and Erica Smithwick hosted a community forum on Building Convergence in Climate Science. A brief introduction was followed by three breakout groups:

  • Mitigation: What efforts exist to reduce or prevent the emission of greenhouse gases?
  • Resilience: From local to global, where can we absorb the stresses of climate change or adapt, reorganize, and evolve?
  • Impacts: What are the biggest impacts of climate change on ecosystems and human societies?

Each breakout group explored five topics:

  • Convergent Research Opportunities (Thematic): Where do climate researchers have opportunities to align their efforts?
  • Current Penn State Assets: What is available at Penn State to continue work in climate mitigation, resilience, and impact?
  • Barriers to Action: What, if anything, hinders your ability to further your climate work?
  • Recommendations: What do you see as opportunities for climate work at Penn State?
  • Exemplar Success Stories: Where have you seen climate work shine?

Breakout group outcomes:

Research to Action: The Science of Drawdown

September 16-18, 2019

Project Drawdown partnered with Penn State to hold the first international conference on Drawdown — Research to Action: The Science of Drawdown. Leading scientific experts and researchers from around the world discussed the most innovative and promising climate change solutions and upcoming research. The three-day conference focused on analysis and peer review of the portfolio of over 100 individual solutions, discussed synergies and interactions among sectors, and evaluated implementation pathways including successful examples from around the world.