Contact for this Instrument: 

Karol Confer

Laboratory Scientist

EESL Manager: 

Odette Mina

Managing Director of Energy and Environmental Sustainability Laboratories (EESL).

Equipment full name: 
Binder ED115 Oven and Mettler AE 200 Balance

Description: This Binder ED115 15.4 cu ft. oven is used for drying "total dissolved solids" at 180ºC and "total suspended solids" at 103ºC-105ºC.  Solids refer to matter that is suspended or dissolved in water. Material residue left in a vessel after evaporation of a sample and its subsequent drying in an oven at a defined temperature is referred to as "Total Solids". Total solids includes the "total suspended solids", which is the portion of total solids retained by a filter, whereas the total solids is the portion that passes through the filter. Dissolved solids is the portion of solids that passes through a 2.0 micrometer (or smaller) nominal pore size under specified conditions, whereas the suspended solids portion is retained on the filter. 

Analytical Methods: Our laboratory follows Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 23rd Edition. Total dissolved solids are analyzed using 2540C and total suspended solids are analyzed using 2540D. 

Sample submission: Water samples may be submitted to the water quality laboratory chemist for analysis.

Training: Student researchers and faculty who may be interested in training on instrument operation and data interpretation, please contact the water quality laboratory to schedule training and time on the instrument. While the number of training hours may vary, depending on the student's knowledge and analytical skills, we require a minimum of one training hour prior to allowing the student to work independently work in the laboratory.


Internal Rate: 
Water Lab Staff Run Samples: $18.83/sample; Student Run Samples: $15.60/sample; Operator time (training): $17.56/hour
External Academic Rate: 
Water Lab Staff Run Samples: $29.55/sample; Student Run Samples: $24.48/sample; Operator time (training): $27.55/hour
External Non-Academic Rate: 
Water Lab Staff Run Samples: $30.49/sample; Operator time: $58.43/hour