Contact for this Instrument: 

Karol Confer

Laboratory Scientist

EESL Manager: 

Odette Mina

Managing Director of Energy and Environmental Sustainability Laboratories (EESL).

Equipment full name: 
Beckman 360 pH meter

Description: The Beckman 360 meter is used to measure the pH of a solution. The pH (potential of hydrogen) of a substance is an indication of the number of hydrogen ions it forms in a certain volume of water. 

Samples submitted for pH measurement to the water quality laboratory, our analysts will also analyze and report conductivity (completed using the YSI 3200 Conductivity Meter) of the submitted samples. The cost per sample includes pH and conductivity.

Analytical Method:Our laboratory follows Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 23rd Edition. pH analysis is completed using 4500H+-B electrometric method. Samples must be stored at 4ºC.

Sample submission: Water samples may be submitted to the water quality laboratory chemist for analysis.

Training: Student researchers and faculty who may be interested in training on how to operate the instrument and interpret the data, please contact the water quality laboratory to schedule training and time on the instrument. While the number of training hours may vary, depending on the student's knowledge and analytical skills, we require a minimum of one training hours prior to allowing the student to independently operate the instrument.

Internal Rate: 
Water lab staff run sample: $25.21/sample; Student run sample: $9.06/sample; Operator time (training):17.56/hour
External Academic Rate: 
Water lab staff run sample: $39.56/sample; Student run sample: $14.22/sample; Operator time (training): $27.55/hour
External Non-Academic Rate: 
Water lab staff run sample: $40.82/sample Operator time: $28.43/hour